Enterprise cloud news for May 15, 2014

OpenStack Dominated by Tire Kickers, Code Testers – for now (However, some large deployments have occurred) #openstack

New Leader for 2014’s worst article on cloud award - Why the OpenStack Cloud Bubble will Soon Burst (“OpenStack can compete with the public clouds in many ways but not on price.  Apples and oranges?  Nah, they’re both fruit.  More like apples and melancholy). #openstack

Oracle announces OpenStack support (Looks like they made it in just before the bubble burst) #openstack, #oracle

AT&T, Sony discuss their use of OpenStack (AT&T likes OpenStack for NFV, Sony for games) #openstack, #telecom, #entertainment

Is OpenStack’s lack of container support holding it back? (RedHat announces that it is now in a committed relationship with Docker) #RedHat, #openstack, #Docker

2014 turns into the Year of the User at OpenStack Summit (Some OpenStack advocates sound genuinely surprised by users at the show) #openstack, #banking, #entertainment

Two camps within OpenStack – “more open” and “less open” (plus: Lydia Leong traces her predictions on OpenStack over time)

Heroku CEO (Tod Nielsen) Two PaaS’ are better than one (I thought Harry Nillson wrote that one was the lonliest number, not Tod Neilsen) #Heroku, #PaaS, #SFDC

Cumulogic launches on-premise database as a service offering (Bringing public cloud capabilities to private and hybrid clouds) #DBaaS, #Cumulogic

Financial services firm Hanrick Curran switches to cloud backup for compliance reasons (Company concerned about personally identifiable information) #financialservices

Sungard points to trends causing financial services companies to embrace managed services (“By 2016, approximately 50 percent of financial institutions will use managed services to outsource the management of their IT infrastructures.”) #sungard, #financialservices

SoftLayer hosted Coriell helps protect elderly from adverse drug interactions (also: IBM provides grant to help keep elderly at home vs in nursing homes) #healthcare, #IBM, #SoftLayer

IBM launches software tying together B2B companies, suppliers and customers (Is B2B the next frontier for cloud-based xRM solutions?) #IBM

IBM CEO – Unlike AWS, SoftLayer built for enterprises (The cloud rivalry heats up) #IBM, #AWS

Old guard technology companies advancing the hybrid cloud (“… the old guard of the IT industry is spearheading adoption in the traditional enterprise, with IBM at the forefront as usual.) #IBM, #Dell, #HP

IBM, AWS, MSFT talk about the state of cloud security with federal IT leaders ( … “there is little difference in level of security in the cloud and in physical data centers.”) #federalgovernment, #IBM, #AWS, #Microsoft

Social science site using Azure loses data ( “The timing of this event was such that our entire data storage container was corrupted — including the master database and all local backups,”)

Author’s claim – Microsoft openly offered cloud data to support NSA PRISM program (May 15 was a bad news day for Microsoft in the cloud!)

MicroSoft reveals Office 365 features available only in the cloud (Machine learning driven functions can only be done in the cloud) #Microsoft






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